Advisors & Acknowledgments


  • AMD - graphics processing technology and benchmarking advice

    • Donna Sadowy - Senior Manager Global Regulatory Affairs - key AMD liaison

    • Claudio Capobianco - Strategy Director, Graphics Business Unit – our principal technical support and advice contact, also provided a Trendsetter Interview for the Green Gaming Newsletter

    • Scott Wasson - Senior Manager, Technical Marketing

    • Justin Murrill – Senior Manager, Corporate Responsibility

  • Nvidia - graphics processing technology and benchmarking advice

    • Tom Peterson - Director, Technical Marketing - provided FCAT frame capture support and technical advice

    • Phil Eisler - General Manager, GeForce NOW Cloud Gaming - provided technical input and a Trendsetter Interview for the Green Gaming Newsletter

    • Sean Pelletier - Senior Product Manager - provided FCAT frame capture support and technical advice

    • Anjul Patney - Senior Research Scientist, NVIDIA - discussions of innovative energy management opportunities in VR, and Trendsetter Interview for the Green Gaming Newsletter

    • Nick Stam - Senior Director, Technical Marketing

    • John Spitzer - Vice President of GameWorks Labs

    • Luc Bisson - Senior Director of Sales Engineering – facilitator of Nvidia technical staff introductions

    • Sean Cleveland - Director, Technical Marketing – advisor and principle author of the FCAT Reviewers Guide

  • Douglas Alexander - Principal, Component Engineering - insightful conversations regarding component design, emerging technologies, thermal management, etc.

Game Console Workshop Participants - the following individuals participated in an industry workshop at LBNL at project inception, with some providing input at other points in the project

  • Michael Warnecke - Entertainment Software Association, Chief Counsel Technology Policy

  • Representatives from Sony Interactive Entertainment America, Nintendo of America, and Microsoft Corp.

Game Developersand Distributors

  • Nicole Lazzaro - President, XEO Design - discussions about managing energy use in the VR Game development process

  • Bob King - Game Developer, Creative Director, Animator, Game developer, former Zynga, EA, Maxis - provided advice on the game developer industry, and a Trendsetter Interview for the Green Gaming Newsletter

  • Tom Bui (Steam)

Product Reviewers

  • Slava Maksymyuk - eXtreme Outer Vision - provided market data; incorporated our methods in their consumer calculator

  • Ryan Shrout - Editor in Chief, PC Perspective – generous advice on bench testing and frame-capture procedures

  • Fritz Nelson, Editor in Chief; Joe Pishgar, Director of Community; Chris Angelini, Technical Editor (now with Texpert Consulting) - Tom's Hardware

Market Research

  • Ted Pollak and Jon Peddie, Jon Peddie Research - provided industry insights and data from early stages of the project and led development of original market research used to specify our baseline systems and estimate the installed base

  • Douglas Gentile, Professor of Psychology, Iowa State University - provided Harris Poll data of representative sample time spent gaming

  • Kurt Roth - Fraunhofer USA Center for Sustainable Energy Systems – augmented their annual survey of consumer electronics behavior to gather valuable information on the PC gaming duty cycle

  • Liisa Jaaskelainen, Statistica

Energy Analysts

  • Vojin Zivojnovic and Davorin Mista - Aggios - helpful discussions on component-level power measurement

  • Jonathan Koomey – Stanford University - participated in console industry workshop and excellent technical discussions about the vagaries of gaming system energy-per-performance metrics

  • Pierre Delforge - Director of High Tech Sector Energy Efficiency, NRDC - discussions regarding PC active and “real world idle” test methods

  • Peter May-Ostendorp - Principal, Xergy – discussions regarding PC active test methods

  • Iain Walker – Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

US Environmental Protection Agency

  • Verena Radulovic – Energy Star, Product Manager for Consumer Electronics

  • Matt Malinowski, Ben Hill, and John Clinger - IFC contractors to EPA**

Two dozen Berkeley Lab employees volunteered their time to intensively test an array of gaming rigs under various operating conditions to enable us to measure energy use, performance, and user experience under real-world conditions.

Ian Vaino and Tammy Campbell of LBNL’s Workstation Support Group generously provided space and support for the green-gaming lab, system procurement and assembly, and our extensive testing process. Sarah Morgan served as Program Manager for the project at LBNL.

We extend special appreciation to Felix Villanueva, our program manager at the California Energy Commission, who has been highly supportive of our research process.

* these individuals provided in-depth review comments on a draft of this report

** these individuals were engaged Technical Advisory Committee members