Evan Mills (Ph.D. Environmental and Energy Systems Analysis) is a Senior Scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), Whole Building Systems Department (WBS). As Principal Investigator of this project, he brings 35 years of research on demand-side energy issues, and conducted work on gaming PCs that forms the basis of the current initiative. Contact.

Norm Bourassa (BA Architecture, Electronics Engineering Technology {EET, TAC}) is a Principal Scientific Engineering Associate and program manager in the Residential Buildings Systems group at LBNL/WBS. As Co-Principal Investigator of this project, Norm brings a background in electronics engineering as well as 20 years of experience in the energy analysis and R&D arenas.

Leo Rainer (B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering) is a Principal Scientific Engineering Associate in the Residential Buildings Systems group at LBNL/WBS. He brings to the project 30 years of experience in energy efficiency with particular expertise in energy modeling, field data aquisition, and test method development.

Arman Shehabi (Ph.D. Environmental Engineering) is a research scientist in Sustainable Energy Systems and Energy Efficiency Standards (SES), Energy Analysis and Environmental Impacts (EAEI) Department. Arman has led projects using life-cycle analysis, techno-economics, and policy analysis of emerging technologies within the areas of buildings and of information and communication technology (ICT). In his 10 years of experience in the field, he has also developed expertise in energy management in data centers of all scales, and has conducted prior studies on the national energy implications of cloud computing, productivity software, and video streaming.

Louis-Benoit Desroches (Ph.D. Physics and Astronomy) is Deputy Group Leader of LBNL's SES/EAEI. Louis manages projects supporting Department of Energy’s appliance and commercial equipment energy efficiency standards program, with a focus on consumer electronics (televisions, set-top boxes, computers, battery chargers, external power supplies, uninterruptible power supplies, and video game consoles). Building on his 6 years experience in the field, his current research is in the area of techno-economic cost-benefit analysis, energy use analysis, life-cycle cost analysis, national impacts, and development of federal test procedures.

Claire Curtin (MA/ABT Educational Communication and Technology) is a Program Manager in WBS. Claire brings 20+ years experience developing and managing computer game products for consumer mass market. She has been involved in the publication of over 25 computer game titles, and testing gameplay, animation/graphics content, editorial, sound and other content areas

Jimmy Mai (AS in Computer Networking & Information Technology) is a member of the LBNL Workstation Support Group and a lifelong gamer. Jimmy is the lead gaming system builder and tester on the project. Originally from the theater industry, Jimmy brings over 10 years of insight into the user experience. He began gaming in the days of the Atari 5800 and MS-DOS and is currently playing Super Mario Odyssey and Destiny 2.

Ian Vaino (B.Sc. Engineering Physics) is a leader of the LBNL Workstation Support Group, with responsibility for providing workstation support services to all of LBNL (3,200 employees). He oversees endpoint management tools, including automated patch management, security configuration, and power management; collaborates with research divisions at the Lab to develop custom system deployment strategies; and defines best practices and standards for workstations throughout LBNL. Ian has 13 years of experience in the IT sector and has worked in the past as a software developer and QA engineer in semiconductor manufacturing sector. He has expertise in software development, project management, web application development, equipment monitoring and automation.

Sarah Morgan is our Project Manager. Sarah Morgan (Project Management Professional (PMP)) is a Program Manager for BTUS. Sarah brings 15+ years of project experience with cost and schedule across a diverse portfolio of projects at the lab. The projects have varied from the support of new NERSC system acquisitions, a Neutrino Detector installed in Italy, and various construction projects.

Nathaniel Mills is a PC builder and retired gamer, with an eye towards energy efficiency without compromising performance. He started it all, and now advises the team on emerging technologies and energy efficiency opportunities. Nathaniel is currently at Reed College and is founder of the Greening The Beast website.