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Lawrence Berkeley National Lab News Releases:

AZO Cleantech - Berkeley Lab Energy Analysis - Electricity Consumption by Gaming Computers per Year is $10 Billion


BBVA: Open Mind -Video Games Against Climate Change

BitGamer - Gaming PCs Too Power-hungry, Researcher Warns

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists - How to Save the Planet from Your Couch (December 3, 2018)

Business Insider (India) - A Slight Change in the Gaming PC World Could Save Billions in Wasted Energy

CCN - US Gaming Carbon Footprint Is Huge as Platforms Target Greener Consoles (November 16, 2019)

Chip Online (Turkey) - Oyun Bilgisayarlarından Rekor Enerji Tüketimi (Measuring the Energy Use of Gaming Computers)

Choi News (Japan) - ゲームPCはエネルギー節約できる余地が大きい (Gaming PCs Have Room To Save Energy)

CleanTechnica - Gaming Computers Could Reap 75% Energy Savings And Improve Performance

ClimateWire - Gaming Computers Rack Up Disproportionate Energy Bill

Duetschlandfunk Radio - Interview by Maximilian Schönherr (August 21, 2019)

DH (Turkey) - Gelecekte Sadece Oyuncu Bilgisayarlarını Calıştırmak Için 50 Enerji Santrali Gerekecek (Gamers Only Need 50 Power Plants in the Future to Run Their Computers)

Digital Trends
Energy Efficiency Markets - Gaming Computers Offer Huge, Untapped Energy Savings Potential

EnergyWireA Father-Son Quest To Tame Energy-Gobbling Video Games

Economie Matin (France) - Fracture D'electricite: Un PC de Gamer Consomme Comme Trois Frigos (UK) - More Efficient Gaming PCs Could Save $18 Billion

FierceEnergy - Are Gaming Computers The Next Big Thing For Energy Efficiency?

Forbes - The Big Surprise in Home Energy Consumption: Gaming PCs

Fudzilla - Gamers Can Save the Planet by Tweaking

FZ (Sweden) - Din Speldator Kan Vara en Energiskurk (Your Gaming Computer Can Be An Energy-thief) - Can Game Makers Rise to Meet The Challenge of Climate Change? [September 27, 2019]

GameStar (Germany)  - Stromverbrauch Von Spiele-PCs - Könnte Im Jahr 2020 Weltweit 50 Kraftwerken Entsprechen (Power Consumption of Gaming PCs - Could The 2020 World Provide 50 Power Plants?)

Gamedot.comTriste Realidad: Jugar Videojuegos Contamina Horriblemente al Planeta (Sad Reality: Video Games Are Horribly Contaminating the Planet).  

GamesIndustry.bizCan Game Makers Rise To Meet The Challenge Of Climate Change? - Gaming Computers Could Reap 75% Energy Savings and Improve Performance

Globo (Brazil) - PCs Gamer Consomem US$ 10 Bilhões em Energia Por Ano, Diz Estudo (Gamer PCs Consume $ 10 Billion in Energy Per Year, Says Study)

Green Buildings Advisor - Video Gamers Could Save Billions in Energy Costs

GreenTechMedia - Gaming Costs $10B Annually in Energy

Hard-OCP - Taming The Energy Use of Gaming Computers

Hardware (Finland) - PC-PELAAJAT KULUTTAVAT TOLKUTTOMASTI SÄHKÖÄ (PC Gamers Electricity Expenses Go on Forever)

Hexus - World's Gaming PCs to Require 50 Dedicated Power Stations by 2020

International Business Times (UK) - Greener Gamers Could Save $18 Billion by Switching to More Efficient PCs

Kotaku - Video Game Companies Vow Action On Climate Change, But Critics Say They Need To Do More [September 25, 2019]

KO: Computer Review (Russia)  -  Оптимизация игровых ПК позволит сэкономить 18 млрд долл (Optimization of PC Gaming Will Save $18 Billion)

Kronen Zeitung (Austria) - Gaming-PCs fressen unnötig viel Strom (Gaming PCs Eat An Unnecessarily Large Amount of Electricity)

Laoyaoba (Taiwan) - 你的电竞电脑是吃电怪兽吗?(Is Your Gaming Computer an Electricity-eating Monster?)

Le Comptoir Du Hardware (France) - Le PC Des Joueurs Consomme Trop (PC Gamers Consume, Too)

L'energie D'avancer (France) - Comment Réduire la Consommation Energétique des PC de Gamers ? (How to Save Energy in Gaming PCs?) - Gaming's Environmental Impact is Greater than You Think (January 29, 2020)

Mother Jones (US) - Video Games Consume More Electricity Than 25 Power Plants Can Produce (November 29, 2018)

MuyComputer (Spain) - Los PCs de Juegos Utilizan Una Cantidad Ingente de Energía (Gaming PCs Use Huge Amounts of Energy)

Newsweek - Greener Gamers Could Save $18 Billion by Switching to More Efficient PCs

New Scientist - Cloud Gaming May be Great for Gamers but Bad for Energy Consumption (June 11, 2019)

OneZero - Video Game Makers Pledge to Fight Climate Change (September 25, 2019)

PC Gamer - Efficiency Study Says Gaming PCs use $10 Billion in Energy Every Year

PC Gaming Hardware - Gamescom 2019: How Environmentally Friendly is Gaming? - Findings from Science (August 22, 2019) (translated from German)

PC Welt (Germany) - Gaming PCs Soon to Need 50 Power Plants for Electricity Worldwide
Presse Citron (France) - Les Gamers Sur PC, Rois Du Gaspi D’énergie (PC Gamers, Kings of Energy Waste)

PresseText (Germany) - Gaming-PCs Fressen Unnoetig Viel Strom (Gaming PCs Eat Unnecessarily Large Amount of Electricity: - Gaming Computers Offer Huge, Untapped Savings Potential

PlayNation (Germany) - Allgemein: Gaming-PCs sind teure Stromfresser

PPLWare (Portugal) - Costuma Jogar No PC? Atenção Aos Consumos De Energia (Do You Usually Game on a PC?  Pay Attention to Energy)

R&D Magazine - Gaming Computers Offer Huge, Untapped Energy Savings Potential

Rennovabili (Italy) - I PC Da Gaming Non Sanno Cosa Sia L’efficienza Energetica (PC Gamers Don't Know What Energy Efficiency Is)

Run Direct Magazine -  - Gaming Computers Can Save Energy with Necessary Changes in Settings and Components

Salon - How the Xbox Stands between Microsoft and its Climate Goals (January 28, 2020)

Science Daily - Gaming computers offer huge, untapped energy savings potential

Science Post (France) - Comment Reduire La Consommation Electriques des Ordinateurs de Joueurs? (How to Reduce the Power Consumption of Gaming Computers ?)

Sciences Et Avenir - Gamers, Soyez Moins Energivores (Gamers, Be More Energy Efficient)

ScienceNews for Students - Greening Your Digital Life (March 25, 2021)

SG (Hungary) - Évi 10 Milliárd Dolláros Aramszámlát Okoznak a Játék PC-k (Gaming PCs Cause $10 Billion in Energy Bills)

Silicon Republic - Gaming PC Owners Can Help Save the Planet by Improving Rigs

Slate (France) -  Les PC de Gamers Engloutissent des Quantités Enormes d'Energie (PC Gamers Gobble up Huge Amounts of Energy)

Spiegel Online - Gamescom and Green Gaming: How Players Can Save Energy (August 21, 2019) (translated from German)

Sueddeutsche Zeitung (Germany) - Gaming-PCs verursachen zehn Milliarden Dollar Stromkosten pro Jahr (Gaming PCs Responsible for 10 Billion Dollars Electricity Costs Per Year)

Svet Hardware (Czech) Herní PC Budou Prý Do Roku 2020 Potřebovat 25 GW Energie (PC Gaming Will Need 25 GW of Energy by 2020)

TechSpot -  New study highlights the ridiculous amount of energy consumed by gaming PCs

TF1 (France) -
Techie News (UK) - Gaming computers can help save billions per year in energy costs
Times of India (IN) - From Email To Video Streaming: How Our Online Actions Impact Our Environment (December 7, 2020)
Tom's Hardware (Italy) -  I PC Gaming Di Tutto Il Mondo Consumano Come 160 Milioni Di Frigoriferi (PC Gaming Worldwide Consumes as Much Energy As 160 Million Refrigerators)

TreeHugger - Making Gaming Computers More Efficient Could Save $18 Billion a Year in Energy Costs

TriplePundit - Gamers to the Rescue: 'Huge' Energy Savings Potential In Computer Gaming

Tweaktown - Gaming Industry Carbon Emissions is Equal to 85 Million Refrigerators (January 20, 2020)

University of California News - Your Home is an Energy Hog - Here's How to Put it on a Diet

Xataka (Spain) -  Si Eres Gamer, Cuidado Con El Consumo Eléctrico: Puedes Ahorrarte Un Dineral Sin Perder Potencia (If you're a gamer, be careful with power consumption: You Can Save A Bundle Without Losing Performance)