Project Team Publications

Mills, E., T. Pollak, N. Bourassa, L. Rainer, J. Mai, N. Mills, L-B Desroches, and A. Shehabi. 2017. “An Energy-focused Profile of the Video Gaming Marketplace.”  Prepared for the California Energy Commission by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. 70pp. [pdf]

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Bourassa, N.B., L. Rainer, and E. Mills. 2016. "Gaming System Acquisition Specifications Report: TASK 3: Develop Energy Performance Measurements & Benchmark Testing Options." Prepared for the California Energy Commission by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. 5pp. [pdf]

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Mills, N. and E. Mills. 2016. "Taming the Energy Use of Gaming Computers," Energy Efficiency, 
9:321338, DOI 10.1007/s12053-015-9371-1 [pdf]

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Other useful publications

Beck, N., P. May-Ostendorp, C. Calwell, B. Vairamohan, and T. Geist. 2012. “How Low Can You Go? A White Paper on Cutting Edge Efficiency in Commercial Desktop Computers.” Prepared for the California Energy Commission, Public Interest Energy Research Program. CEC 500-2012-065, 29pp.

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